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Our Apartment Moving Process

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The Best Flat Moving Services Dubai


If you are searching for apartment/flat moving services online, then you are just at the right place. We are Coco Republic Movers, a company that offers skilled and experienced professionals to help you move out of your apartments. Once you hire our services, it will be our responsibility to move you to any address in Dubai. Move to different places in Dubai or even to other big cities near Dubai. Our crew, network and transportation services ensure a safe passage of your belongings to your destination. It doesn’t matter whether you have a small or large apartment. The size of the property is not a problem for our services and it can fit any property type as well. 

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Dubai Flat Shifting

Redefining Flat Shifting in Dubai


You might have seen many apartment movers Dubai based companies. Most companies follow an old-age approach of rough goods movement while vacating a flat or apartment.They dump things together in an haphazard manner and mishandle your home equipment, devices, furniture, etc. But we are here to redefine the very process of apartment moving in Dubai. Starting from analysis of your needs, the categorization of your belongings, packing them into appropriate cover materials to loading them into modern trucks and unpacking, we innovate every step in your apartment movement process. 

What makes our Moving Services Unique?


An apartment is your intimate space. It is a world for a family including children, parents, pets, etc. We understand the great emotional value you attach to your belongings. When you move out to the new apartment, your new home, our Apartment movers would like you to carry all the good vibes with you. Your personal belongings are what make you feel at home and with our Apartment Shifting services, we guarantee that it will be there when you start your life in the new apartment. Specialist equipment, bubble wraps, hard cardboard boxes, colored adhesives to identify objects of different nature are some of the very basic tools in our arsenal. We wrap items that need extra care in paper blankets and other innovative environment friendly packing materials. Get the best out of our cost-effective Flat shifting services in Dubai. No hidden charges or toppings on your bill because we like to give maximum value to our customers. 

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What You Should Do Before an Apartment Shift?


Our work is just half the effort. As a guide to moving out we would like to share some tips for you based on our extensive experience as Dubai’s lead apartment movers. Whether you are having a 1-bedroom, 2-bedroom or 3-bedroom apartment,these tips will help you prepare for a smooth mental and physical transition:


1. Get your deposits in advance so that you can pay for the last minute cleaning expenses easily.

2. Get to know your new apartment, rules and locality, it can help in smooth unloading. Also entry of non-residents like our crew can be properly arranged as well.

3. Make a checklist of important things and persons and tasks. Let them know in advance and get those things you are likely to forget on the top of the list.

4. Restrict your food stock a week beforehand to reduce wastage.

5. Segregate your things as needed and disposable. So that last minute debates and confusion about particular items' utility can be avoided.

6. Cancel your subscriptions like milk, newspaper, periodicals, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions: Your Guide to Moving with Coco Republic Movers and Packers


  • 1BHK Apartment Relocation Costs

Shifting costs for a 1BHK apartment depend on various factors, including location, volume of household items, and furniture specifics. Our team, specializing in apartment relocation services in Dubai, will provide a tailor-made quote after a thorough assessment.



  • 2BHK Apartment Moving Expenses

The cost for relocating a 2BHK apartment is variable, hinging on factors like the apartment's location, the quantity and nature of your belongings, and furniture details. Our professional movers will visit your location to offer a bespoke quote.



  • 3BHK Flat Shifting Charges

Moving to a 3BHK flat involves costs that vary based on the location, amount, and type of household items, as well as furniture specifics. Our team, experts in furniture moving in Dubai, will conduct an on-site evaluation to provide you with a customized quote.


  • Apartment Moving Process
  1. To initiate your move:
  2. Contact us or leave a message.
  3. Our experts will visit and provide a quote.
  4. Upon your approval, we schedule the moving date.
  5. Our team efficiently packs and loads your belongings.
  6. We ensure safe unloading and unpacking at your new destination.



  • Why Choose Coco Republic Movers for Flat Shifting?

Opt for our flat-shifting services in Dubai for an expert and trained team that guarantees a seamless, hassle-free move. We pride ourselves on reliable service, competitive pricing, and a well-established reputation.



  • Packing Materials for Household Items

We utilize a range of materials, including cardboard boxes, bubble wrap, foam, packing paper, and secure tape. Additional resources like plastic bins, packing peanuts, and furniture blankets are also employed for enhanced protection during the relocation process.


  • Booking Timeline for Coco Republic Movers

We recommend contacting us at least one day in advance to ensure a smooth planning process for your relocation.



  • Staff Allocation for Apartment/Flat Relocation

The number of packers assigned varies depending on the size of the apartment/flat, the volume of belongings, and the move's complexity. Smaller apartments may require 2-3 packers, while larger spaces might necessitate 4-6 or more professionals.


Choose Coco Republic Movers for a top-tier relocation experience in Dubai, encompassing local and international moves with unmatched professionalism and care.