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Why Coco Republic Movers Dubai


COCO REPUBLIC MOVERS DUBAI presents a solution to streamline your relocation process, optimizing your experience to the fullest extent.



Undoubtedly, the task of transitioning residences is burdensome. It encompasses the arduous tasks of meticulously packing your possessions and meticulously sanitizing the premises, leaving little room for enjoyment amidst the laborious process. It is probable that exhaustion will have taken its toll by the culmination of these efforts.


However, envision an alternative scenario - one in which the burdens of moving are alleviated. Envisage a scenario where your role during this transition is limited to embracing tranquility and comfort. You might indulge in a leisurely family luncheon or explore unique furnishings for your new abode. Eager to tire out your children before settling into your new space? Perhaps a serene outing to the beach with your canine companion to counteract the moving-related anxiety.


Complimentary with each relocation, courtesy of Coco Republic Movers Dubai.


Licensed and Insured


FREE use of wardrobe boxes on your move


Free shrink-wrap and furniture pads for your move.


Professional moving equipment


Fully equipped trucks


Free basic valuation coverage


Disassembly/Reassembly of basic furniture if necessary


Specialized door and floor protection


No extra charge for Stairs and long carry

Why choose us ?

Operating with utmost honesty and integrity, and backed by full insurance coverage.

Possessing a wealth of experience and maintaining a remarkable level of employee retention.

A moving company dedicated to ensuring safety and security.

Attaining the highest ratings in Dubai, UAE, with a consistent monthly track record of successfully completing hundreds of moves.

Offering some of the most competitive rates in Dubai.

A moving service that is fully licensed and insured.

We offer complimentary quotes for all our services.

We take pride in being the foremost choice - Coco Republic Movers, backed by compelling statistics.

Market share in the region 75%
Revenue growth per year 61%
Profit growth per year 54%
Increase in number of logistics centers 100%

km per year


tons of

An experience of moving service in Dubai without stress

Elevating the standard of service beyond respectful and professional movers, our commitment extends further, encompassing both local and long-distance moves. Our dedication is to surpass your expectations and ensure a seamless moving day experience. Allow yourself to relax as our adept Dubai removals specialists manage the intricacies.


Our ultimate aim is to earn your endorsement; if you don't find yourself recommending our services, we recognize that we haven't fulfilled our responsibilities. VIP moving encompasses comprehensive support; any unique requirements are met with enthusiasm.


Hence, unlock the door to the aspiration shared by all on their moving day - a flawless new residence. Through the expertise of Coco Republic Movers Dubai's moving service, this aspiration can materialize. Contact us today to receive a complimentary Moving Quote, and discover firsthand our unwavering commitment to exceeding expectations.

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Frequently Asked Questions


  • How much does Coco Republic Movers LLC charge for a move? Request a quote from Coco Republic Movers LLC, and one of our sales reps will contact you. It's a good idea to get quotes from multiple movers in Dubai for a more accurate estimate.


  • What factors are considered to calculate the cost? Home movers and packers in Dubai consider the following factors when calculating the cost of moving:


Size of your belongings: Larger furniture and more possessions cost more to move.

Distance to your new home: Longer distances increase the cost.

Moving to another Emirate: Moving from Dubai to another Emirate is more expensive than relocating within Dubai.

Professional service: FIDI-accredited movers often charge higher rates for premium services. With Coco Republic Movers LLC, you won't face delays, damages, losses, hassles, or hidden charges. Costs may be higher on busier days, such as weekends or non-working days.


  • Can I do my packing? You can pack personal belongings that you prefer not to have others handle. For everything else, we recommend leaving the packing to our professionals.


  • Does Coco Republic Movers LLC offer same-day move-in in Dubai? Ideally, start the booking process two months before your move date. In a worst-case scenario, book at least four weeks in advance. If you have only a month or less before your move, your choices may be limited as most good movers are booked two to three months ahead.


  • How long will the moving process take? Under normal circumstances, moving the contents of a studio or one-bedroom apartment takes a day. Larger homes may take two or three days. The duration also depends on whether you use a professional moving company. Booking a trustworthy mover early ensures a smoother process.


  • What are your payment terms? You need to pay 50% of the bill amount in advance and the rest on the day of the move.
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